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The President

Jarred Johnson has been innovating using Google for more than 15 years.

Jarred is helping some of America's smartest Attorneys find new cases by discovering niche keywords and testing landing pages using Google and other proprietary sources of qualified traffic.  Where other Agencies 20x larger can't even produce a single telephone call, Jarred's system makes the phones ring with new clients and collaborates with the law firm to retain more clients on average. The difference is Jarred's 15 years of professional experience that is unmatched in the industry that helps Attorneys navigate the most expensive, most competitive space for lawyers, the Google Search Engine.

VP - Sales and Marketing

Lew Moore is widely known for his ability to improve sales for his customers. For over 20 years, Lew has added value to some of the nations most recognizable product lines and has sold millions of dollars in products for some of the largest commerical office furniture manufacturers nationally. Respected as a leader and technical thinker, Lew adds value and integrity to PPC Squared and his role is to help increase your business as a law firm.


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Our system is made of three components:

  1. Compelling/Conversion Directed Landing Pages, At No Extra Charge
     Highly Crafted Conversion pages made specifically for Law Firms. These pages have the ability to test a message continually by using a powerful A/B system that hones the message over time to maximize our conversion rates. Don't have a website? That's fine, we'll build it for you.
  2. Our Call Tracking System 
     We have access to thousands of toll-free numbers we provide you at no additional cost as well as local numbers to match any area or geographical target. Our system has the ability to record all calls, send callers to multiple answering locations (you can have the calls go to a group of numbers for intake, or a single number). Each call that is produced by our system is tracked and recorded so we know exactly where each call came from so we can replicate and improve the result again and again.  Free Numbers, Free Features, All Inclusive With Our Service.
  3. Highly Qualified Traffic From Our Unique System.
    It's our system that generates qualified traffic that we send to our landing pages that helps our clients sign cases and increase profits. That traffic comes from our proprietary system that only works to help plaintiffs law firms like yours get new cases you otherwise would never find. 

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"Absolute best in the business. If you want cases to come in weekly then PPC Squared Digital Marketing is the go to company. We have had continuous success through this company and have had multiple successful campaigns handled by them." 

Attorney Matthew Nezhad

Oaks Law Firm

Los Angeles, California

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Franklin, Tennessee 37064

Why Your Law Firm Needs To Use PPC Squared


Our first and best focus is to get you new business. When the focus is on "results", our system helps you find cases for the smallest possible price, allowing you to maximize your profits.


We don't use term agreements. Unlike YP, newspaper companies like Gannett, or other Attorney Marketing Groups like CJ or Scorpion, we feel comfortable having some "skin in the game". We will deliver new leads to your firm and help you sign them up because our focus is the same as yours, signing more cases! Our long-term goal is to continually push your cost-per-case down, helping you make more money.


Our unique strategy on the Internet gives YOU the competitive advantage on other Attorneys. Unlike TV, Radio and Print Ads, our system is designed to drive only qualified traffic to your landing pages from highly proprietary sources we've discovered; This understanding is what separates us from all other providers including other companies like us. Applying that qualified proprietary traffic to our uniquely crafted landing pages with us translates into niche traffic that produces new clients for your firm that doesn't cost you a fortune. When we focus our time and our landing pages on what works, and eliminate what does not, we see a concentrated increase in business for your practice that is scalable and profitable.

Attorney Marcelo Dieguez

DiEFER Law Group
- Los Angeles, California

"I have worked with Jarred  at PPC Squared for over 4 years and he has transformed our business. We have been doing PPC and SEO as the primary advertising tool for our law firm for over 11 years and were getting diminishing returns. He is extremely knowledgeable in his field, responds instantly, and is constantly trying to improve our ROI. I would highly recommend this company. "

Serving All Mass Torts Law Firms Located in the United States

Our Focus Is Getting Cases ethically, Not Generating Junk Leads

We Don't Make You Sign A Term Contract.

Our exclusive system is designed to get qualified cases for Plaintiffs Attorneys.

Internet Case Generator For Law Firms. 

Case Acquisition using only the highest standard of ethics to protect your Law Firm.

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